Book time with me!

I offer the following services to my individual coaching clients:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions: These 40 minute sessions are intended for us to discuss one particular goal or topic that is at the forefront of your mind.

  • Double coaching sessions: These 80 minute sessions allow persons with busier schedules to still reap the benefits of setting designated time to discuss or work on a particular goal or topic, together.

*Note: Coaching sessions are mainly conducted over the phone with on-demand text support available, as well.

I also offer the following services to my corporate/team clients:

  • Team meetings: An excellent opportunity for collaboration without requiring all members to be together in person. Meetings last 90 minutes and are conducted via Zoom video conferencing.

  • On-boarding sessions: These sessions allow new members of the team to be brought up to speed by working one-on-one with me in this two hour session.

If you’re a prospective client, I encourage you to schedule a 15 minute meet and see and a 30 minute trial coaching session by clicking the button below.