Hi there, I am Gabriela.

My interest has always been in the science of human behavior, the root causes of defensiveness and how we become aware of our behavior to achieve higher personal performance. I study the science of happiness and how it can change our daily lives by choosing to make small adjustments that have profound impact.

What I am trying to elicit in you is how to live your most fulfilling life and engage with others in a way that is contagious.

My work focuses on finding the small recognizable behaviors we see in ourselves as well as those we witness in public figures who are living fulfilled lives. By identifying the drivers behind those behaviors and dissecting the small habits these individuals use naturally, we can recognize the common thread in their strategies for living highly successful lives both professionally and personally.

As a facilitator the science is part of my personal development. As I make changes to my daily rituals as a coach, mother and business owner I embrace the teaching by combining my experience, and referring to scientific data while capturing inspirational stories about high profile leaders.

This turns out to be a personal story of hard choices which most people can identify with. I am certainly on the waiting list to keep learning and through life’s challenges I acquire ways to implement new ways of supporting you in your effort in leading a fulfilling and happy life!

I am currently an Executive Coach and consultant for Gallaher Edge, and coaching teams at TopCoder, Appirio, Adobe and more.

If you are ready to learn how to access your courage in Creating Conscious Change let’s schedule time to chat!