What is the Human Element®?

Learn proven ways to optimize your life through openness & accountability!

The Human Element® uniquely combines experiential, adult learning with scientifically validated psychometric instruments to achieve one goal: success.

The Human Element® is divided into two experiences: Cornerstone and Organizational Solutions.

In Cornerstone you will:

  • Acquire tools for creating individual and group change and solving interpersonal problems

  • Gain practical skills for becoming more effective at work and in your personal life

  • Improve personal awareness about your motivations, feelings and self image

  • Experience feedback about your behavior

  • Learn a language for improving interpersonal relationships

  • Reduce defensiveness

This experience will help you eliminate the distortions and limiting beliefs that undermine your relationships with others and with yourself! The mission of Cornerstone is to build self-awareness and self-esteem while clarifying your goals and developing more personal accountability to live more effectively in all aspects of your life. 

In Organizational Solutions you will:

  • Understand phases of team development and how to engage in this evolution

  • Learn skills-building practices and methods for optimizing team functionality

  • Acquire tools to utilize during difficult conversations and personal conflict

  • Learn ways to support individual relationships and performance in teams

  • Uncover strategies for effective, creative and inclusive group decision-making

The 5-Day Human Element® Workshop
NEXt workshop: November 18 - 22, 2019

By dealing with root causes rather than superficial behaviors, workplace coaching can help you eliminate the distortions that sabotage you, undermine your relationships, and lower your motivation.

My mission as a workplace coach is to help individuals build self-awareness and self-esteem to help clarify and accomplish their professional goals and operate more effectively in their workplace.

I approach this work in three components:


We spend time together along with other key individuals in the organization who can offer perspective about your current situation (such as your employees, colleagues or leadership)


    This work involves honest conversation coupled with proven tools that will help you gain a deeper awareness of yourself, clarify where you would like to go from here, and gain momentum in your new direction


    Facilitated conversations with you and the appropriate people in your organization give us the opportunity to provide progress reports, hear additional feedback, and address any concerns that have arisen during the process.

I facilitate multiple workshop opportunities throughout the year. You will work in a small, select group using highly interactive and experiential engagement, learning and sharing tools that support you in finding access to your effectiveness. 

Participating in the 5-day workshop makes you eligible to become a Licensed Human Element® Practitioner™ (LHEP), to use The Human Element® methodology as the foundation of your consulting, training, and coaching practice. There is a LHEP Training December 2019 located in New York.

I attended a workshop Gabriela facilitated. She is talented, bright and very intuitive as a coach which is everything you look for to transform oneself or an entire organization. Shift is guaranteed when attending one of Gabriela’s workshops!
— Belinda Brown, Executive Coach